Interior Karwalo

Home & Office Construction FAQs

Our interior designers collaborate with you to meet your needs and budget.

The price is negotiable and subject to change depending on the needs and architectural style of the property.

Costs for design, implementation, and finishing materials including sanitary fixtures, doors, and windows are included in the package.

Yes, Interior Karwalo is a reputable company that pays all required taxes. GST is included in the price given, and no further taxes are applied.

No, additional cost in Interior Karwalo.

We give a two/three-month cushion period relying upon the undertaking degree.

WhatsApp group is made in which everyday movement will be refreshed.

We give a 5-years Warranty on the Waterproofing. We offer a construction warranty for six years.

We have our own Checklist with more than 500 Quality Checks and a Quality Control Team.

The customer is responsible for covering any additional costs associated with a brand change, package addition, or package removal.

The first level may take Interior Karwalo, 5 months to finish, and each additional story could take an additional 1.5 months. The built-up area, location, design, and other factors influence duration as well.

There are discrete packages for inside works from our in-house interior organization, on the off chance that client wish to get the insides we will help client on the equivalent.

*This T&C is valid for 2.5 months
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